Junk Removal Services in Clayton, MO

Junkweiser is proud to offer junk hauling to businesses and residents in Butler, MO! Come to your local junk experts to watch your unwanted items disappear.

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Convenient Junk Removal in Clayton

One of the more common scenarios that many of us can relate to is the need to get rid of junk. From basements to offices, miscellaneous items ranging from furniture to electronics can accumulate, taking up unnecessary amounts of space and sometimes, your sanity along with it. However, this issue can be easily solved with a quick call to our local business, Junkweiser! We proudly offer quality junk removal in Clayton every day of the week.

Whether you have a bulky appliance or light trash loads to get rid of in Clayton, it’d be our pleasure to take care of it for you! Simply give us a call to schedule your appointment or receive your free quote today.

Why Our Clayton Junk Removal Services?

All too often, junk removal franchises get away with mediocre service that cleans out your pockets, instead of your space. However, when it comes to our junk removal services in Clayton, it’s all about you! As a locally owned business, we bring a precise level of attention to detail to your service and always keep your needs in mind. At the end of the day, we’re your friendly neighbors who want to help you the best that we can with full-service junk pick-up! Count on us for junk removal in Clayton that simply doesn’t miss. Our trained and qualified pros make sure to remove your junk without a single risk so that you can simply relax and rest assured that we got you covered!


Our Junk Removal Process

  1. Our business is open everyday, so whenever you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we are too! Give us a call or book us online to get started.
  2. Next, you can expect a courtesy call from our pros when they’re on the way to you! They’ll promptly arrive with smiles and friendly attitudes.
  3.  In order to give you an accurate upfront quote, our guys need to see what you need removed. Before beginning your junk removal services in Clayton, they’ll observe your items and present you with a free, all-inclusive quote!
  4. Finally, simply approve your quote so that haulers can begin the heavy lifting. They’ll cover the rest of the process, so you can go ahead and take a seat!

Furniture Removal and Haul-Away

Since it’s so large and tough to move, furniture is one of the most complicated category of items to get rid of. To make matters worse, eco-friendly disposal solutions can be sparse, leaving you with limited options for removal. However, Junkweiser is here to teach you that a sustainable solution for that old, dusty couch is possible- and it doesn’t require you lifting a single finger! The answer lies with our junk removal services in Clayton, which naturally covers furniture removal and disposal.

So, you may be wondering how we keep your sofa from rotting in a landfill. The answer is simple- we’ll access the wear and tear of it before deciding which facility to take it to! Our first choice, of course, is to donate it. Not only does that save valuable resources, it also helps a local in need! On the other hand, if your couch is leaning more toward deterioration, we’ll do our best to recycle it. If that happens to be your case, we’ll locate a nearby furniture recycling center following your service, drop your sofa off, and leave the break-down and recycling processes to on-site professionals.

About Us

At Junkweiser, we take great pride in being the best in Clayton junk removal. Locally owned and based in the St. Louis area, we cater to many locations that are close to home and cover our beloved communities. That’s all because our guys love their work, and always feel rewarded at the end of the day knowing that they could help you live easy without excessive junk and stress! Working hard everyday to provide residents and business owners with the most reliable junk removal in Clayton, our pros never miss a beat and are always prepared to take on junk removal jobs, both large and small.

Are you ready to be Junkweiser’s next satisfied customer? Give us a call! We’d be more than happy to work around your schedule and fit you in as soon as possible. In fact, our guys are more than ready to tackle your service the same or next day that you reach out!


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Locally-owned in Earth City, MO, we bring the most prompt and reliable junk removal services to your area. Although we specialize in services like light demo, cleanouts, and appliance removal, we’re always happy to discuss your unique situation and needs for the best fit service for you! Plus, we cater to many areas outside of our home base. Curious about how it works? It all starts with you! Just call us anytime- and we really mean anytime. Open 24/7 we’re the leading providers of same-and next day junk removal!

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