You can’t become a shed removal expert overnight. Fortunately, our team has done this work for a long time, so allow us to step in and complete the work for you!

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Shed demolition services aren’t something that everyone can handle. Not only does it require specialized tools, such as sledgehammers and protective equipment, but it also requires an experienced workforce. If you lack this experience, you can find people who have what it takes at Junkweiser. We’re the “King of Junk” here in the St. Louis Area, and on top of this, we are talented when it comes to light demolition. Steer clear of all risks—we’ll bring that shed down effortlessly!

Our Shed Removal Services

Tearing down a shed isn’t the sort of work that you should trust rookies to do. Don’t choose anything less than the professionals—and choose Junkweiser! We are a fully insured demolition crew, meaning that we’re completely protected in the event of damages. On top of this, we’ve successfully torn down so many sheds that we can safely say there won’t be any accidents. From the first plank to the final nail, we’ll demolish that shed in a timely manner while never encountering any hassles along the way!

Just because we’re fully insured and completely professional doesn’t mean we’re out of your budget. Our shed removal cost is actually fairly affordable, and you thank our status as a local business for that. Small operations like Junkweiser are cheaper to run than franchises, and that’s exactly why we can provide you with affordable, upfront prices for shed removal jobs of any size.

How Shed Demolition Works

  1. Contact us online and let us know what sort of shed you’d like us to remove. We’ll bring the correct tools for the job based on whether it’s a wooden, metal, or plastic shed.
  2. Upon our arrival, we’ll investigate your shed, figure out the safest manner of demolishing it, and provide you with an upfront service quote for your approval.
  3. Next is the fun part! Take a few strides back as our team puts on their protective equipment and tears down the shed. It’s like magic. Presto! Your shed will vanish into thin air!
  4. Of course, you won’t be able to make much use out of that demolition debris, which is why we’ll load it onto our truck and take it to a nearby St. Louis Area landfill.

Count On Us for Easy Shed Clean Out Services!

Do you need your shed demolished but have to get rid of all the junk stored inside first? Well, you’re talking to the right people! At Junkweiser, we have taken on our fair share of junk removal jobs, including clean out projects. As a result, there’s nothing in your shed that we haven’t carried around before. Old furniture? Check. Yard equipment? Yep, we can take it. Decorations, toys, boxes, and bins? We’ll load it onto our truck lickety-split. That’s another great thing about us—we save our customers time. We’ll clean out your shed faster than you ever could alone!


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Locally-owned in Earth City, MO, we bring the most prompt and reliable junk removal services to your area. Although we specialize in services like light demo, cleanouts, and appliance removal, we’re always happy to discuss your unique situation and needs for the best fit service for you! Plus, we cater to many areas outside of our home base. Curious about how it works? It all starts with you! Just call us anytime- and we really mean anytime. Open 24/7 we’re the leading providers of same-and next day junk removal!

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