Earth-City Based Junkweiser offers the demolition services you’re looking for! Our qualified crew can tear down decks, sheds, and more.

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Unfortunately, not all structures were built to last. Especially when subject to extreme weather conditions, sheds and decks can collapse beneath your feet, urging you to replace them. In those situations, Junkweiser makes the process much easier! Providing full-service light demolition, our company specializes in the proper and efficient tear-down of sheds, decks, and hot tubs. And being a junk removal company, we always haul away the mess! By wiping the slate clean, we help you put your best foot forth towards updating that old, damaged structure.

You can trust our crew. After an in-depth training process and in-the-field experience, they’re certified to get light demolition done right, every time! They understand all the best safety practices as well, so you can rest assured that we steer you clear of any risks.


  1. First, schedule your demolition appointment! Simply click here or call 314-260-7110.
  2. After promptly arriving on time at your appointment, our haulers will look at your junk volume and determine your price.
  3. Then, they’ll present that to you through a free quote. Once you approve it, they’ll hit the ground running!


Junkweiser isn’t like the other guys. Our company is a local family-owned company that offers the most versatile junk removal near you! With a team that thrives on serving you, your needs will best be taken care of. Our guys love what they do and go above and beyond everyday for the happiest customers! You can count on them to cover your light demolition needs in a timely and professional manner.

Based in Earth City, Junkweiser brings eco-friendly waste removal to numerous communities! Putting recycling and donating first, we always handle your junk disposal responsibly with the environment in mind. Our guys evaluate your junk based on its materials and decide from there the best place to dispose of it. You can always count on them to recycle reusable items, from plastic waste to electronics!

On a tight schedule? No sweat- you can fit you in our schedule as soon as today! In fact, we have 24/7 availability that’s designed to get to cover your needs as soon as possible. For same or next-day light demolition you can count on, call us!

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Thanks to our reasonable pricing system, you’ll be paying a low price that you’ll know beforehand! Our pros are completely transparent on pricing and never leave you guessing. They just need to see what you need demolished, and from there they’ll present you a firm quote at no extra cost!

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We balance our professionalism with a personalized take to your light demolition for the best experience possible for you! Our crew always arrives to appointments on time, communicates with our customers every step of the way, and gets the job done in an efficient fashion without missing a mark.

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Our guys aren’t beginners. As experienced experts, they never miss a step! They’ll knock out every step of your light demolition, including the cleanup of all your debris. And when it comes to disposal, our pros make sure to recycle!


If you’re ready to begin the process for our light demolition, why wait? You can schedule your appointment in seconds and save $20 at the same time! Just click here.



The last thing we want to do at Junkweiser is keep your price a secret. Not only do we give you your price upfront at your appointment, we also offer free estimates before appointments! To get your free light demolition estimate today, just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to chat.


Junkweiser is the place to call when you need light demolition, appliance removal, or other junk removal services done on short notice. As a 24/7 business, we keep our phones on hand to fit you in our schedule as soon as we possibly can! After all, we understand the stress that arises when one has an overbearing junk removal project on their hands. We want to ease that stress for you so that you can breathe easy without the extra weight of junk!


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